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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Gift

Last Christmas the children each got a paper letter in their stocking.  They had to work to unscramble the letters to find out what the gift was.

This Christmas we have our sweet Mary Grace!  We are so very blessed!

I recently asked the children to start a running list of things that they would like for Christmas or a birthday.  They mention things occasionally, but I can't keep them all straight in my head.  Joshua handed me his list last week and then came back later and said that he wanted to add something else to it.  When I asked him what it was he said that he wanted news of a new baby for Christmas. :)  I love that they want more siblings, but I told him he'd have to wait a little while for that!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Catching Up

Here is my catch up post since I accidentally took another month off of blogging. :)  I think one of my new year's goals is going to be to update the blog once a month.  I think I can keep up with that and then I'll stop feeling bad for not posting here more often!  We had a great November that was full of adventures and fun times with family!

My sweet baby during one of her little middle-of-the-night parties.  She doesn't do it often, but sometimes she gets confused and thinks that 4:30am is really 4:30pm. :)  

The children and I drove to my dad's the week before Thanksgiving and then we all (minus Adam) went up to visit my mom's family in NJ for the holiday.  Adam wasn't able to take off that much time, so he flew to Philadelphia the day before Thanksgiving and then we drove back together.  Before we left dad's we put some fall flowers in the new granite vase at mom's grave.  We weren't there long because it was freezing cold, but Mom loved flowers and I'm glad we have some pretty ones there!  

We stopped in Richmond to visit my brother and his family.  We had a great time with Aunt Alyssa and cousins Andrew, Audrey, Annika and Aaron at Henricus one day!

Mary Grace just before Thanksgiving at 2 1/2 months.

Grocery shopping with Mama

All ready for church!

Joseph playing football in Uncle Jim and Aunt Candie's backyard. 

Talking to Grandpa

This 2yo knows how to take a nap!

Sweet sleeping baby

We were so glad that we got to see my grandmother...the children's Great Grandmom Ruth.   

I love her little nose!

We love Uncle Jim and Aunt Candie!  We celebrated Uncle Jim's birthday while we were there.  

Abigail and Great Grandmom

Adam, Uncle Jim, Dad, and the big boys went to the Battleship New Jersey one day.  Aunt Candie, the girls, the two little boys and I headed to Lancaster, PA (Amish country) but I failed to get any pictures from that trip.  

Mary Grace takes Manhattan!  Uncle Jim and Aunt Candie kept Joseph, Peter and James one day while the rest of us went to New York City.  

Abigail and Grandpa eating pizza in the Big Apple!

It's hard to believe she's big enough for the Bumbo.  

Our neighborhood has a ridiculous amount of leaves in the fall!  I think we've got them pretty much under control now.  

This one is blurry, but I love it. :) 

Watching a 20 month-old to "jump jacks" is great entertainment!

Joseph doesn't take naps anymore, but maybe he should. :)  He goes strong all day long and is usually  a happy little guy.  When he gets sleepy there's no convincing him that he should stay up though.  He frequently puts himself to bed shortly after dinner. :) 

James loves Mary Grace!

Enjoying the chaos from her vantage point in the Bumbo.  

Apparently it's a pretty comfy seat!

Big sisters are the best!

Helping Mama cook

Mary Grace is a little more open to the idea of tummy time now.  She's rolling in both directions and enjoys the attention from all of her adoring siblings.  

Monday, November 10, 2014

On the Move

Well, I didn't intend on taking a month-long blogging break.  Oops. :)  A lot has happened since I posted last.  We've done a little traveling, a lot of learning, and a whole bunch of baby snuggling.  Mary Grace turned two months old and Adam made the decision to join a private practice nearly three hours away, which means that we'll be moving!  It's funny, when Adam graduated from dental school and we were considering different options, I was not thrilled about the idea of him going back into the Army on active duty again.  I didn't like the idea of moving every few years.  Haha!  It turns out we've moved more frequently than that and I'm really kind of getting used to it. :)  We're purging (woohoo!  I love purging!) and packing and will move after the new year.  There are definitely things that we'll miss here, but it's a great opportunity and we're all looking forward to it.  Since we're busy with the move and all I will probably only be doing a monthly post here for awhile.  I may show up more often, but I'm not making any promises. :)  Once again, this post is very picture heavy and full of memories that I want to have documented for when we're old!

Mary Grace talking to her biggest brother

Heading out the door to go to a Georgia Tech football game with Grandpa Evans

Joshua had a blast!

The purple girls before church

We went to the US Space and Rocket Center when my dad was visiting.  Traveling with Grandpa is so much easier and lots more fun! 

Hannah and Grandpa looking at the Saturn V

Looking at the rockets wore James out. :) 

I made a new, Pinterest-inspired fall wreath for our front door.  I was wishing my mom was here to do it with me.  She was always so good at crafty things!

Sweet smiley baby

Hannah is helping Joseph learn to ride a bike

Getting yet another kiss from a big sibling!

Being goofy with my Peter Monkey

We noticed that Hannah was having difficulty seeing far away and found out that she needs glasses.  

I think she looks cute!

Happiness at the park

James fell asleep while Adam was reading the Bible one evening.

Snoozing away

James thinks that Mary Grace is the greatest thing!  He kept his hand on her like this the whole time we were taking a walk.  

We're not big baseball fans (or any sport, for that matter), but since Adam is from Kansas we had to cheer on the Kansas City Royals in the World Series!  And of course you can't do that without popcorn and cookies. :)

Happy Baby!

Mary Grace and I were playing around with the camera on the laptop.

Joseph wanted to "play her a song".  

Silly baby!

She's such a sweet pea!

James waiting on his big siblings to get their free Book It pizzas.

Free Book It pizzas plus 3 little boys getting the buffet for free = a meal for 11 for just under $15.  Not too bad! 

This goofball keeps me on my toes!

He gets so excited about his baby sister!

Joseph was a brave boy for his 4 year shots last week.  I thought that he didn't make a peep, but he reminded me that he said "Ow".  :) 

Out of all 9 children, Mary Grace is our first back sleeper.  She does not enjoy tummy time.  She isn't our best sleeper, which I'm discovering is due in part to my nursing issues.  I've had problems with every baby around this time.  I always think and hope that it will be different with each one, but it never is.  I won't go into the details, but yes, I've tried a whole host of herbs, teas, and other remedies.    As much as I hated to do it, we gave her formula last night.  She wolfed it down and slept great.  Poor baby was hungry.  :(  Sigh.  At least she'll still nurse for awhile and she won't be hungry!