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Thursday, April 17, 2014

21 weeks

I am 21 weeks pregnant with Baby Girl!  This time last year I was 41 weeks pregnant with James. :)  I'm feeling well. As you can see, my belly is rather obvious now. I've gained 8 pounds and, as usual, my only complaint is my nasty varicose veins. They haven't bothered me enough to wear compression hose yet though, so they could certainly be worse.  I'm very blessed to have such great pregnancies!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Catching Up

Our laptop is broken and the desktop is in the same room that James sleeps in, which means I haven't been blogging.  Excuses, excuses. :)  As has become my pattern lately, I'm updating with mostly pictures.  The biggest news around here as of late is that we are having a girl!  Hannah will turn 7 right before this baby is born.  That's a long time between girls! We're all very excited. :)

About a month ago Adam was out of town for a few days and I decided to surprise him by painting the boys room.  I asked Joshua to take a "before" picture of the wall so we would remember what color it was.  I didn't realize he was taking a picture of me.  

 I let Joshua stay up late and help me.  Noah and Joseph camped out in their sleeping bags in the family room and Peter slept in my bed.  He had a hard time settling (he loves his own bed) and I went in several times to tuck him in.  He started crying around 10:00 and I sent Joshua in to lay down with him.  I went in a few minutes later and found this. :)

Here is the "after" picture with the new bunkbed that Adam and the children put together!  The blue is actually a little darker than it shows up in the picture.  We all really like it.

 Abigail turned nine last month, but I just now downloaded the pictures from her birthday celebration.  She requested spaghetti and meatballs, green beans, Italian bread, strawberry cake, and Neapolitan ice cream.  That's my girl. :)

 Joseph loves birthdays. :)

 Esther and Hannah were very excited about their presents for Abigail.

 James is next!  It's hard to believe he'll be turning one next week!

Sword fighting with soda bottles.  Boys. :)

We moved to this house in July of last year, so we weren't exactly sure what flowers were going to come up where.  The previous owners took good care of the yard and there are lots of little gardens here and there.  Adam planted tulips, which I love!  We've got 27 at our mailbox and others here and there throughout the yard.

After my ultrasound last week we went to get ice cream to celebrate a new healthy baby sister on the way.  Peter had Cotton Candy Explosion.  The name is quite fitting.  

A couple weeks ago I got to join Adam for a dental conference in the big city.  We don't get away by ourselves often and we had a good time.  Big city life is interesting for a very short amount of time, but it's definitely not for us.  We found a quiet spot at the loud reception to have hot tea and look out a big window at the city lights.  We had a fun time!

We recently went to Charleston with my Dad.  We always love doing things with Grandpa and Charleston is a great place to visit!

Here is one of the Hyacinths that came up in our front yard.  They are so pretty!  We had pinks and purples and they smell amazing

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Abigail turned 9 this past Sunday!  She's my right hand and is so willing and capable!  Abigail loves everything related to homemaking and she doesn't mind the messy parts in the least.  I rely on her for so much and she is always ready and eager to help.  She loves babies and is desperately hoping that this baby will be a little sister. :)

Thursday, March 06, 2014

A Few Pictures and Some Advice

I have not taken many pictures lately, but here are a few.  I had an ultrasound last week (14 weeks) and took Joseph with me.  He was excited to go all by himself and he is convinced that the baby is a boy. :)  He was so excited to show the pictures to his siblings!

We ended up going to IHOP on National Pancake Day for free pancakes!  I almost didn't go because I didn't want to deal with the crowd, but we were seated immediately and didn't have to wait long at all for our food.  We had a fun time and you just can't beat free. :)

James enjoyed his first piece of toast.

Yesterday was my birthday and my children gave me lots of homemade cards that they had been working on.  Most of them were your typical birthday cards with balloons, flowers, etc.  Joshua and Abigail both gave me something a little out of the ordinary tough.  Abigail drew some of the constellations for me.  :)

Joshua drew me a picture of Mohammed's invasion of Constantinople. Haha!  Not something I would have ever thought to ask for as a birthday gift, but I love it!  He enjoys history so much and I'm grateful that he (and the rest of my children) love school and learning!  We're studying the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation this year and Joshua is very much into the details.  He knows a lot more than I do about all of it! 

I'd like to know how you fellow Mamas handle chores with your children.  I currently just see what needs to be accomplished and use a whiteboard to assign chores to different children each day.  It changes daily depending on who is available, what needs to be done, etc.  It is working just fine, but I'm considering changing over to having different "zones" (I think the Duggars call them "jurisdictions") and having a child stick to that zone for a more extended period of time so that they master things more completely.  How do you manage chores?  Do your children have specific areas that they focus on for an extended period of time, or do you give different jobs to different people daily like I currently do?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ten Months and Second Trimester

James is 10 months old today!  I've mentioned before that we seem to produce two models...the spunky, dramatic, push-the-limits blonde haired model and the laid back, emotional, people-pleasing, brown haired model.  James is making it obvious that he falls into the latter category.  He's a sweetie.  He's not real physical.  He's not the least bit interested in walking (or even cruising while holding onto things).  He will pull himself up and stand, but that's it.  I put his ETW (estimated time of walking) at around 14 or 15 months like most of our others.  James has no problem getting where he wants to go, however, and he also has no shortage of rides if he doesn't feel like crawling. :)

Mr. Blue Eyes with bedhead

I head into the second trimester this week.  Time flies!  I'm feeling pretty good.  I have not had that first trimester fatigue as much with this pregnancy as I had with the others.  I've also been hungry, which is very uncharacteristic for me in the first 12 weeks or so.  I haven't, however, been eating a ton.  I've had to be very careful to eat small portions so that I don't feel sick.  I've lost a few pounds, which is the way it always goes.  I'll make up for it later. :)  Drinking water makes me feel sick as well, so I've been drinking a lot of juice and ginger ale.  Hopefully that will go away soon and I can get back to drinking mostly water.  I would share a belly picture, but there's really nothing to see.  I feel like I'm showing a little in person, but it's just not noticeable in a photo for some reason.  I'm always eager to start showing.  I like looking pregnant. :)  I have my first appointment with a new doctor this week.  I have no idea if he does an ultrasound at the first visit or what, but I'm hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Decade

Our firstborn turns ten today.  For some reason this is harder for me to wrap my mind around than my 30th birthday was.  Joshua is TEN!  

After 33 long hours of labor Joshua finally arrived!

1st birthday!  One month before he became a big brother.

Gardening with Papa

Fun with sisters

Joshua has always loved tractors...

...and the beach.


Being silly

My biggest boy

We had snow on Joshua's 6th birthday and we have snow today!

Joshua is a great big brother and he loves babies.  

Happy 10th birthday, Joshua!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Keeping Up

In an effort to keep up with chronicling our life on the blog, here are a bunch of pictures from the past few weeks.

Peter loves his bed.  A couple weeks ago during school he disappeared for a few minutes.  That usually means he's into something, but when I went to find him he was sitting on the floor with his hand under his crib sheet fast asleep.  Silly boy!  

Poor James is sometimes the object of the girls' dress up games.  Here he's sporting a birthday hat and a cape that didn't quite stay put.  

Just taking a bath in the kitchen sink

Enjoying some Grandpa time a few weeks ago


We got a couple inches of snow the week before last.  The kids had a blast playing in it!  We haven't had snow since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago, so it was nice for a day or two.  I'm good now though.  Warm weather can't come soon enough and I'll gladly go another few years before I'm ready for more snow.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't fare so well up north!

James didn't mind being snowed on. :)


Hannah making a snow angel

Hannah hogging the heating vent after she made her snow angel. :) 

By the time we got over to the sledding hill it had been very well used and there wasn't much snow left.  We had fun anyway!

Watching the sledders.

Peter's face pretty much sums up his opinion of snow.