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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Joshua Thoughts

Joshua has been doing some deep thinking today. He stood in the middle of the kitchen for a few minutes this afternoon and then he looked at me and said, "I need a boy so I can teach him to play cars". He was talking about the new baby, and we hadn't even talked about the baby all day! Yesterday he said that he wanted another sister, so I guess he changed his mind. :-)

A little later he walked up to Abigail and said "I love you" and gave her a hug. She responded by kissing him. He then came up to me and said "Mama, do you think Abigail loves me?" :-) I assured him that she did. I wonder if that question is going to come up again 20 or so years from now...with a different girl's name. Hmmm. We'll just think about that later!

Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm Craving Cheesecake!

I'm a little late to be blogging about Thanksgiving, but I thought it would behoove me to beat down the laundry pile and clean up the house before I spent much time on the computer. It's funny how the house can get so messy over a holiday weekend, especially when we're not even here most of the time! We had a good Thanksgiving. We went over to my parents' house in Aiken, along with Mark and Amanda and some good friends who didn't have any other plans. We ate some great food...I think my favorite thing this year was Amanda's Apple Streusel Cheesecake. (She made up a lot of the recipe herself...maybe I'll learn to do that someday!) We sang hymns and just had a good time visiting.

It is our tradition every year to go to the Christmas tree farm the day after Thanksgiving. We had lots of fun this year. Joshua really enjoyed the hay ride and he was excited about all of the John Deere tractors that he saw.

All three children played together on the floor for almost 2 hours this morning They're being very good today, which is nice because I'm not feeling the greatest. For those who haven't heard, Baby #4 is on the way! I'm about 5 weeks and our due date is July 27 (or thereabouts...I haven't seen the midwife yet). We're very excited!! I generally feel really good in the morning and then not so great in the afternoon. But I'm not complaining. It could be a lot worse!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend!

Joshua "riding" the John Deere

Abigail enjoying the hay ride!

Hunting for a Christmas tree

Our growing family :-)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's COLD!

It is 40 degrees here at present. I know that's not nearly as cold as some of you are used to, and not as cold as it gets here either. But it's pretty cold! It was sleeting earlier today and is raining now. There is a church in town that has free 30-minute concerts every other Tuesday. Today the Atlanta Brassworks were playing, and Joshua and Abigail love brass instruments, so we went. And then we tackled Walmart. That was interesting. We made it through the crowd and the craziness with much help from Grandma Evans (who also made our attendance at the brass concert possible!). We ended up eating at the McDonalds in Walmart, which was an adventure in itself. Joshua (and the little cup of ketchup he was holding) fell off of his chair and managed to get ketchup all over Grandma's coat, pants and vest...not to mention his hands, clothes, face, hair, and the floor!

Abigail is prepared for the frigid weather here in Georgia!

Here's Esther just being her sweet little self.


Our children, probably like every other child in the world, love to "read" and be read to! They each have different styles of reading. Joshua can sit with one book for 10 minutes. Abigail can go through about 10 books in one minute. And Esther will give a book about 5 minutes, but she usually ends up trying to eat hers. Here are a couple pictures of Grandpa Evans reading to them.

Friday, November 17, 2006


We've had a rather eventful couple of days. Yesterday morning our bedroom ceiling fell down. It scared me half to death...it sounded like a piano coming through the roof and was followed by silence. Crying would have been a very welcome sound in this case. I knew that Joshua was on the potty, but when he's there Abigail is almost always in the bathroom with him or playing in our room. We are SO thankful that she was with him! Adam and my Dad are cleaning up our room as I type. Adam bought a shop vac and is going to try to do the repairs himself. He doesn't think that it will be too hard and it will be a whole lot cheaper than hiring someone to come in and do it. But for now if we stand in our bedroom and look up we've got a pretty good view of the attic!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


We've had a fun day today! Joshua, Abigail and Esther "helped" Grandma in Aiken put up her fall decorations while I went to get my hair cut. Everyone is still napping now, but in just a little bit we're heading out to choir rehearsal. Papa has a couple of big tests coming up, so I'm taking the babies with me.

Here are a few pictures -- another one of Joshua and Abigail with their books. They love to read...just ignore the fact that both of their books are upside down. :-) The next one is of Abigail eating her "fuffin". Little did she know it was made of freshly ground whole wheat and was very healthy. She only wanted it because it was in muffin form! Joshua really likes my wheat bread, but Abigail would much prefer to live off of fruit. The last picture is Esther loving her Papa.

Joshua brought me a wooden tray with some wooden food on it yesterday. He handed it to me and said "You have a good day." :-)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Baby Esther

I just realized that I haven't posted any pictures of Esther yet! She's almost 6 months already! No teeth yet, but she's up rocking on her hands and knees, so she'll be crawling soon. Here's our sweet little Esther...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


It seems like we get more pictures of Abigail than we do of Joshua or Esther...maybe that's because she's such a little ham! Joshua and Abigail have had a little bit of a stomach bug , but they're on the mend.

Joshua has provided us with a few good laughs this week...I thought I'd share a couple of them. Yesterday I dropped a bottle of ketchup on the kitchen floor, which promptly exploded and sprayed ketchup all over the place. I was down on my hands and knees cleaning it up when Joshua told me that I looked like the garbage truck! Then he hopped on my back and said that he was the garbage man. Not incredibly flattering, but he really admires the garbage truck and it's operators, so I took it as a compliment! And a few minutes after that he told me that I was a "pretty girl", so that made everything better. :-)

At dinner a few nights ago Adam and I were discussing the elections and who to vote for. Adam asked Joshua if he is a Democrat or a Republican, to which Joshua replied "I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm a good boy." Good answer!!

Abigail loves to wear her warm fuzzy hats! I think that Fall is her favorite season...she loves to see and talk about the "krahtins and mumps" (known to the rest of us as pumpkins and mums).

Joshua asks to be wrapped up like a mummy in his John Deere blanket every night.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Static Electricity

We took these pictures at the park this week. The other children there thought it was pretty funny. Some of them tried to go down the slide to make their own hair stand up, but it didn't work. We've got some talented kids! :-)