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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Update

I just added a new baby ticker to my sidebar. This one is helpful to me because it reminds me how many weeks I am! The weeks fly by so fast that it's easy to lose track. I've been feeling pretty well lately. The morning sickness is basically gone and there are very few smells that still make me feel sick (my homemade bread being one of them, unfortunately!). I've been unusually tired though, and I'm not sure why. I go to the doctor on Monday, and I'll have my hemoglobin checked then. It was fine when they checked it two visits ago, but maybe that's the problem. A few people have said that I should be tired since I'm pregnant and have four children under 5, which I guess could be adding to my exhaustion, but this is an abnormal kind of tired. It usually hits me about an hour after I wake up in the morning (which is in itself strange) and around 5:00 in the afternoon (right when I need to get dinner going). Other than that I'm feeling great though! I've gained a whopping 2 pounds. I'm not a bit worried though. Come 30 weeks and the pounds will be coming fast and furious!

I'm feeling the baby move often now. It was a little hard to tell at first because I've been having what feels like muscle twitches in my belly for months. They sort of feel like a baby moving too, but I'm definitely feeling the baby now! I'm mostly in maternity clothes at this point, although a few of my regular clothes still fit. I'm definitely getting bigger sooner with this baby than I did with the other four! Probably in part because I haven't been able to get much exercise at all in the last few months. (Or maybe we're having twins!! Or maybe it's just because this is my fifth baby and my tummy muscles are shot!) I worked out at the Family Y a few times a week with my other pregnancies, but we canceled our membership because the children were frequently getting sick from being in the nursery. They also got a very large television in the nursery and were playing Teletubbies and other strange and unwholesome things that we do not let our children watch. Definitely not worth it! I'm really looking forward to walking in our new neighborhood! I plan to get in several brisk walks per week by myself (or with no more than two children, since I can't push more than one double stroller by myself) as well as some leisurely walks with all of the children. It will be very nice to be able to exercise without having to drive somewhere to do it!

Speaking of moving, everything is on track for our closing next Friday! The seller is having a lot of the repairs done this week and things are running smoothly. Most of our packing is done, but I keep finding more! I need to sit down and make a list of things that we'll need to have handy for the first night there (linens, shower curtain liners, soap, etc.) If anyone out there has any moving advice, I'd love to hear it!

Here's a picture of my 18-week baby belly!

Monday, July 28, 2008

CVS Advisor Panel

If you are an enthusiastic CVS shopper like I am, I would highly recommend that you join the CVS Advisor Panel. In the last two days, I have completed two short surveys online and as a result will get a $10ecb (Extra Care Buck - to be used like money at CVS) and a $15ecb. They will automatically print on my receipt the next time I shop at CVS! That's not bad...$25 in Extra Care Bucks for taking two simple surveys. We joined the panel about 6 months ago, and it took a few months before they asked us to participate in a survey, but we've done it four times now and I was surprised and pleased to be asked TWICE within a week! You can sign up to be a member of the panel here.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

I haven't done a whole lot of bargain shopping lately due to a lack of time and available brain cells. But I did find a few great deals today! I made a quick stop at Kroger to pick up some staples, and I found this produce marked down. The tomatoes are usually $2.99 or more at our Kroger, so I almost fell over when I found them for $.19!! I had to pick out 5 or 6 of them, but it was still a great buy. I was looking for spinach, but I found the arugula on sale for $1.99, so I opted for that instead.

Just ignore the upside-down carton of tomatoes. I told you I was missing some brain cells. :) I can blame it on pregnancy, right?

I read about the Walgreens great diaper deal this morning on this blog and decided that it was well worth the trip out. Joshua and I went and scored 15 packs of diapers. We used the EasySaver coupons, spent $21.15 out of pocket, and got $25 in Register Rewards back (to be used like money on our next purchase at Walgreens). So we basically had an overage of $3.85 and got 538 diapers!! I still use cloth diapers most of the time with Hannah, but she's a very heavy wetter when she sleeps and she wets clear through them at night and during naptime. I don't want to spend the time or money trying to find cloth that works for her, so we just use disposables during those times. She also has a dirty diaper right after breakfast like clockwork, so I put her in a disposable for that. I don't like cleaning/soaking dirty cloth diapers. :) That's 3 disposables a day, sometimes more if we go out. I really prefer Pampers, but they're kind of pricey and I'm really excited to have found these for free!!
Visit Crystal for more Super Savings Saturday deals!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Holy Waddling

Doug Phillips of Vision Forum posted a letter on his blog that was written by Jeff Pollard. It is a wonderful reminder of what we mothers are really doing when we carry and bear children. I know that it is easy for me to dwell on the aching back, the throbbing varicose veins, or the exhaustion, but this letter hits the nail on the head. The following is an excerpt, but you can read the letter in its entirety, as well as more about Jeff Pollard here.

...waddling, as your body bears the children God gave you, is holy. The changes, the aches, the pains, the swelling, the stretch marks, and all the rest-these are all beautiful in the eyes of the Lord and to any man who has his biblical wits about him. It is stunning beauty to see women submitting to the often painful changes that bearing the Lord’s children brings. Being fruitful and multiplying brings glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and is the holy act of bringing God’s elect into this world. Through virgin’s womb, our beloved Savior entered this world. Mary did the most holy waddling that has ever graced the planet. It was not the sultry, sensual sashay of seduction. It was the humble, load-bearing, groaning, aching waddle of the salvation of all God’s elect for all eternity.

Waddle on,groan on, swell up to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ: you are displaying a true and holy beauty to your God and to anyone who has eyes to see.

Sausage and Veggies

I made a new dish in my crockpot this week. I had some beef sausage links in the freezer, so I sliced those up and added chicken broth, water, squash, corn, okra, baby carrots, lima beans and potatoes. I also added a squirt of lemon juice and some random spices that sounded good at the moment...I don't even remember what they are now! I cooked it all on high until most everything was done. I think next time I'll throw some rice in, and I'll also cook the potatoes alone for a while first since they were a little crunchy (that was Adam's idea). It turned out to be really tasty and the children really liked it, especially Hannah!

I'm making an effort to use up most of the food in the freezer before we move, so today I'm using some frozen turkey to make this recipe in the crockpot.

For more Recipe Fun Friday ideas, visit Nikki!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I had to post this cute picture of Abigail and Esther. I didn't ask them to pose, they were just hugging each other and I decided to grab the camera. :) They were all ready for bed in their matching nightgowns.

I haven't said much about Hannah lately, but she's been adding new words to her vocabulary and is still eating everything she can get her hands on. She doesn't care whether it's actually food or not! She even loves to eat vegetables. I gave her a big helping of carrots, potatoes, squash, lima beans, and okra that I had cooked in the crock pot, and she ate it all like it was candy! She also likes raw spinach. Very strange. :) But it's okay by me! She's not walking yet, but I'm guessing she will be not too long after her birthday. I can't believe she's almost a year old!

I haven't posted a potty training update in a while either, but Esther is completely daytime trained now. She still wears a diaper for naps and nighttime, but her diaper is frequently dry when I take it off, so we may get rid of the diapers altogether soon. She is getting to the point where she will consistently tell me when she needs to go. That's really nice, especially since I was forgetting to take her periodically and she'd end up wetting her pants a little before she told me that she needed to go! She loves wearing "gib birl" pants like Abigail and often tells me that she should "nevuh, nevuh" show them to anyone. :)

Here's a video of Hannah with her current favorite thing...a ball. :) She also likes to say "hi"...though it's a very southern version and sounds more like "ha". You'll hear it at the beginning of the video.


I've been tagged by Aisha!

What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today? (*Since I'm a stay-at-home Mama, everything I do could be considered work, so I'll ignore the non-work part!)
1. Bake bread
2. Wash diapers
3. Make a CVS run
4. Pack at least one box
5. Go grocery shopping

Five Snacks I enjoy:
1. Cheese
2. Fruit
3. Homemade whole wheat bread (when I'm not pregnant!)
4. Baby carrots
5. Chocolate milk...only very occasionally, of course :)

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Buy a nice big pipe organ for our church (kind of selfish though, since I'm the organist!)
2. Buy a humongous house and adopt lots of children to fill it up
3. Buy a convertible for my husband (he had one when we got married and I know he'd like to have another one some day!)
4. Give a lot of money to the soup kitchen in Odessa, Ukraine (where I've actually helped serve a meal!), as well as the Evangelical Presbyterian Church's (Odessa) pregnancy ministry. Last time I checked, the average Ukrainian woman has 8 abortions. How incredibly sad.
5. Buy a Dodge Sprinter to haul all of our babies in. :)

Five Places I've lived:
1. Griffin, GA
2. Aiken, SC
3. Cherry Hill, NJ
4. My current residence, which I'm not going to post on my blog!

Five Jobs I've had:
1. Intern in a city's Human Resource department
2. Intern in a city's Police department
3. Church music secretary
4. Church organist
5. Stay-at-home wife and mama!

I tag anyone who wants to post their answers!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Snack Ideas

I'm in serious need of some food input. I'm often hungry in between meals, but I can't think of anything healthy (and appealing) to eat. I'll eat raw vegetables or fruit, but they don't go very far towards filling me up. And bread hasn't set well with me during this pregnancy for some reason. I've really been craving sugar. Not so much chocolate and ice cream and that sort of thing, but I can't get enough fruit. I ate 5 1/2 peaches by myself yesterday. Probably too much, huh? But they were SO good!!

So what do you eat for snacks? I could use some ideas, so let them fly! :)


The children and I joined my parents for Touch-a-Truck on Saturday morning. There were lots of trucks, tractors, and machinery for the kids to climb on and "drive". Joshua was in his element! There were also free pony rides, which Joshua and Abigail wanted to do. Esther is pretty much afraid of everything right now, especially if it moves! So she kept Hannah company in the stroller most of the time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crock Potter's Paradise!

Kili linked to a wonderful site today. Crockpot Lady made a New Year's resolution to use her crockpot every day in 2008. I haven't looked at every post on her blog, but she appears to be right on track! I'm in awe, and I'm excited about getting some recipes from her! You should check out her blog. She's even giving away 10 crockpots. I haven't entered yet, but I plan to before the contest closes tomorrow...along with more than 2,000 other people!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Adam gave his first injection today!! He and his classmates (most of whom I'm guessing have never given an injection) are practicing on each other. I think this is about where I'd drop out of dental school! He sent me an email afterward saying that it went well, but that he was numb and couldn't eat anything. Here are a few pictures...I'm impressed!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment on my French toast dilemma post. I made it for dinner last night, and it worked! No more gooey middle! It seems that the two problems were not dipping fast enough and too much milk. The recipe that I had been using had 8 eggs and 3 cups of milk. Since milk is mostly water, I figure that it contributed to the sogginess. Last night I used 8 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg and it turned out wonderfully!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More House Pics!

We had the inspection on Wednesday (I know, I didn't post pictures like I said I was going to) and everything went pretty well. There are several things that will have to be taken care of before the closing. The two biggest are the HVAC units (they're almost as old as I am and one needs to be replaced and the other repaired or replaced) and the 20 or so bats that are living up in the attic. There are also a few smaller things that we're hoping the seller will agree to cover, but we'll see. We're really not worried about it at all. Of course we hope the seller cooperates, but if he doesn't want to fix anything at all, God is still sovereign and we'll be fine with walking away from it.

I found a beautiful dining room table and china cabinet at a yard sale today!! It is 9 feet long with the leaves in, and it will seat 10 comfortably. We got a great deal on them and we're excited! I found this picture of them online.

And, finally, here are a few pictures of the inside of the house! Lord willing, I'll be posting some pictures complete with furniture in about a month!

The breakfast room next to the kitchen

The kitchen!

Looking out one of the bonus room windows

The rest of the bonus room...it's huge!

The dining room

They LOVE all the space!

The family room and sun room

Peach Muffins

I recently made a new recipe that turned out really well! We had some peaches that needed to be used, so I made these muffins that I found on allrecipes. They aren't the healthiest things in the world, but they sure are good! I took the advice of some of the people who had rated the recipe and added 1/2 cup of milk. Visit Nikki for more Recipe Fun Friday ideas! I know, I'm a day late. :)

Peach Muffins
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/4 cups vegetable oil
3 eggs, lightly beaten
2 cups white sugar
2 cups peeled, pitted, and chopped peaches

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Lightly grease 16 muffin cups.
In a large bowl, mix the flour, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt. In a separate bowl, mix the oil, eggs, and sugar. Stir the oil mixture into the flour mixture just until moist. Fold in the peaches. Spoon into the prepared muffin cups. Bake 25 minutes in the preheated oven, until a toothpick inserted in the center of a muffin comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes before turning out onto wire racks to cool completely.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I mentioned a while back that we were boycotting McDonalds. Well, we still are. This excerpt from an email that the American Family Association sent out sums it up.

Throwing out any pretense of being neutral in the culture war, McDonald's has taken up the rhetoric of gay activists, suggesting those who oppose same-sex marriage (SSM) are motivated by hate.

AFA has asked for a boycott of McDonald's restaurants because of the company’s promotion of the gay agenda. AFA asked McDonald’s to remain neutral in the culture war. McDonald’s refused.

In response to the boycott, McDonald's spokesman Bill Whitman suggested to the Washington Post that those who oppose SSM are motivated by hate, saying "...hatred has no place in our culture." McDonald's has decided to adopt the "hate" theme used by gay activist groups for years.

Whitman went on to say, "We stand by and support our people to live and work in a society free of discrimination and harassment." Mr. Whitman has intentionally avoided addressing the reason for the boycott. This boycott is not about hiring gays or how gay employees are treated. It is about McDonald's choosing to put the full weight of their corporation behind promoting their agenda.

McDonald's donated $20,000 to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in exchange for membership and a seat on the group’s board of directors. The NGLCC lobbies Congress in support of same-sex marriage.
How disgusting. And what's even more disgusting is the long list of companies that support the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Burger King, Kodak, Marriott, UPS, Blue Cross Blue Shield....now why in the world would a health insurance company support the NGLCC or any organization like it? It makes no sense to me! I'm sure that there are many other companies that support the homosexual agenda in one way, shape, or form. I'm sure we'll be doing some more boycotting if we find out about them.

French Toast Help

Does anyone out there have any recipes for French Toast? Or any advice on how to cook it? I've used the recipe from one of Crystal's e-books, and it tastes good, but it's just not working out right for me. It's always a soggy, uncooked egg mess on the inside. At first I thought I might have the temperature up to high, but I tried turning it down and cooking it for longer and that didn't work either. I've even deliberately burned the outside to try to get the inside cooked, and it still didn't work! Maybe the inside of French toast is supposed to be gooey?? If so, then I don't like French toast. I think the problem is more likely to be cook malfunction. :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a nice 4th of July weekend. Adam was really busy with studying and midterms last week, so we mostly spent Friday and Saturday at home. My family came over for dinner and we were able to see the fireworks from our front yard. Several months ago Joshua saw a picture of a cake in a Southern Living magazine and asked me to make it for July 4th. He didn't forget about it, so I found the recipe and made it! He was very excited about the flag cake!

I've been feeling pretty good lately. I'm 15 weeks now, and the morning sickness has subsided a good bit. I'll have to post a belly picture soon...I've got a little one now. :) A couple of my maternity shirts fit, but most of them are still huge. I went to the doctor this morning and heard the baby's heartbeat. :) Everything looks good! The doctor didn't want to schedule the ultrasound for next month, so I'll actually be 23 weeks when we find out if it's a boy or a girl.

We got a good many boxes packed over the weekend. Well, Adam did anyway. I packed three in the kitchen, but he packed almost all of our books and we have a ton of books! Our home inspection is Wednesday. I'll be sure to take some pictures of the inside and post them later in the day.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fun Day

We went to the zoo yesterday! It's been quite a while...actually I'm not sure that Esther has ever been. We went with Nikki and had a great time! On our way home we stopped at Kroger to pick up some staples, and I ended up buying popsicles. I don't think I've bought popsicles since before Joshua was born, so it was a fun treat for the children. When we got home we played in the sprinkler (thanks to Grandma in Kansas!) in the backyard and enjoyed our treats. We sort of skipped naps, so everyone went to bed early and slept late this morning.

Abigail on the elephant

Everyone on the elephant!

Joshua and Esther liked milking the cow

Their first carousel ride!

Fun in the sprinkler!
They really liked the popsicles

Esther was really whiney while I was trying to make dinner, so I told her to sit down for a little while. I checked on her about 5 minutes later and found her like this. :)