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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I recently found a few very special things in our attic. We were purging for a yard sale, and I ran across a bag of clothes that my mother made for me when I was little. I already had some dresses put away in a box, but I thought that there were more and I wasn't sure where they could be. Needless to say, I was excited to find them, and I was even more excited that several of the dresses fit our girls now! A couple weeks ago I put foam rollers in the girls' hair on Saturday evening, and they wore their dresses to church the next day. Thankfully we didn't have a "foam rollers gone bad" episode like we did a once before!

Esther is not so thrilled with wearing foam rollers to bed, but she loves having curls!

My curly girlies. :)

They were all so excited!

We don't usually have a ton of time to spare on Sunday mornings before church. I'm sure those of you with small children can relate! We didn't have time to get pictures, so I took these the following day when most of their curls were gone.

Esther and Hannah are wearing the dresses that my Mom made for me. I just love this pattern, and I was excited to find one just like it on eBay last week! The only dress that fits Abigail right now is a Christmas dress, so she is wearing one that I made for her. This was the smocking project that I completed after I did the girls' Easter dresses.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Farm Pictures

We went back to the farm again last Saturday, but this time Adam got to go with us. It's always more fun when we get to do things with Papa!

Joshua tried to lasso a steer

We rode the cow train

I really wanted to ride too, so I pretended like Noah wanted to go again. :)

Abigail got buried in the corn

The zip line was open!

This is another thing I can't believe Hannah tried!

More fun on the jumping pillow!

Joseph spent the time just sitting around looking cute.

The farmer and his wife :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Update: I re-pasted the link and it seems to be working now. The sound is a little behind the picture for some reason, so it looks a little funny, but it works!

Esther loves math, and it is becoming apparent that she is quite good at it! She begged me for months to be allowed to do Joshua and Abigail's math. I told her that she could start when she turned 4. The day before her birthday, I asked her what she wanted to do on her special day, and she immediately said "do math"!

There are certain lessons that I remember Joshua and Abigail having problems with last year, and as we get to those lessons I cringe and think, "Oh great. Here we go again". But she has yet to run into a concept that stumps her. Now, she did listen to her two older siblings doing math a lot last year, and I'm sure she picked a lot up from that. But she seems to love it and she can't get enough of it! Here is a video of her singing one of her math songs. The camera cut off at the very end, so the ending is a little abrupt.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shoe Suggestions

We have a very hard time keeping track of our shoes. "We" meaning the children. :) I had a pretty good handle on it until #4 started wearing shoes, and then they were everywhere and we never seemed to have two of the same shoe. I bought a shoe holder with little cubby holes at a yard sale and put a sticker with each child's name at the top of their row. But the shoes never seem to make it into their proper places.

Now, I'll admit that I have a problem. I love childrens' shoes. I have a really hard time passing up a nice pair of Stride Rite's for $2 at the local consignment sale, even if we have a pair just like them in the same size at home. So maybe I should start by weeding through our stash and putting some in storage for down the road. But I was wondering if any of you readers out there have any good tips or ideas. How do you store your shoes? Do you take them off before you go inside (we usually do), or do you have a place inside to keep them?

Since we're on the topic of shoes, are these not the weirdest things you've ever seen?!?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Farm Fun

We had so much fun down on the farm last year that we decided to go back again this year. I think we had even more fun this time! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Grandma (my Mom) helped Joseph feed the goat.

Esther loves animals! Dogs, cats, bugs, snakes, goats...it doesn't matter what kind.

Abigail wants a cat. I told her that when she's a Mama, she can get a cat. I don't do cats! Or any indoor pets, for that matter. :) I do think this is a cute picture though. She is just dying to be allowed to prop Joseph on her hip and carry him around the house. Maybe getting her a kitten would fulfill that desire!

Joshua was so gentle with this little chick.

Noah is like Esther...he loves any kind of animal. He doesn't seem to be afraid of them at all. He was feeding the ponies and laughing here.

Joseph spent a lot of his time just hanging out with Grandma and feeling the wind in his wild hair!

Joshua and Abigail had fun racing around the track.

Esther helped Grandma drive.

I took Joseph for a spin.

We had lots of fun on the jumping pillow!

This slide was made out of a plastic pipe. No one wanted to go down it last year, but this year Joshua, Abigail and Esther all loved it.

And so did Hannah! I somehow only managed to get one picture of Hannah, but it's a funny one! I couldn't believe she went down this thing. I almost made an effort to talk her into going down, but I just knew that there was no way she would do it. Next thing I know, she comes flying out laughing wildly with her hair flying!

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Arrivals!

We are very excited to have two new nieces! Brian (my brother), Alyssa and big brother Andrew welcomed Audrey to their family at the beginning of September. She's a cutie, and I wish we lived closer so that I could hold her!

We are equally thrilled that Adam's sister Tami and her family have just adopted a little girl from China! They have two biological children and four adopted Chinese children, which makes them a family of 8 like us. :) Aubrie (yes, I know. Audrey and Aubrie...I think that's pretty neat!) is 8 years old and she is beautiful! Once again, I'm sad that we live so far away and that it will most likely be quite a while before we get to meet Aubrie. You can read all about their travels in China here. Chris and Tami have been an inspiration to me with their adoption stories. We hope and pray that we will be able to adopt one day, and if we do, I know who we'll be going to for advice!

Friday, October 08, 2010


I've been in a blogging funk for several weeks now. In case you hadn't noticed. :) I honestly haven't had the time, creativity or motivation to blog. I'm sure I'll snap out of it soon, and I have a few posts scheduled to show up in the next week, but for now I'm spending all of my free time outside with my babies!

I'm not sure who's having more fun...Hannah,


or Joshua!