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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Do You Think?

This is my first real crocheting project.

Well...that's not entirely true. This is actually my first project, but it's pretty pitiful and I don't plan on using it. Joseph has worn it once and I don't really like it. It looks a little girly anyway, even though it's blue. I'm just chalking this one up to experience. :)

This girls' hat is supposed to be an "infant" size. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but it's almost too big for any of our girls. Is it because the yarn is kind of chunky? Or did I use the wrong size hook? Or maybe I just plain messed it up!

I'm not sure what I think about it, so I'd like your opinion. I like the feel of the yarn, and I like the ruffly brim, but it looks kind of like a night cap to me. Should I actually use it, or should it just be for play? Give me your honest opinion...you won't hurt my feelings. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Brother

We had one of "those moments" the other day. The phone was ringing, the girls were arguing loudly over the crayons and coloring books, and Noah had made a mess of something (I don't recall what) that needed to be cleaned up immediately. Joseph had been playing contentedly on the floor, but in the heat of the moment he decided that he really wanted me to hold him, so he started wailing. What's a Mama to do? The phone could definitely wait...that's what answering machines are for anyway, right? I decided that the girls could wait a few minutes while I tended to Noah, and as I was headed in his direction I quickly called out to Joshua and asked him to sit with Joseph. I wasn't even sure if he had heard me. When I came back 10 minutes later, this is what I found.

Joshua had picked Joseph up, set him on the couch, and then sat down beside him and played the harmonica for him. :) Joseph loved it! He adores his biggest brother, and Joshua is very gentle and sweet with him. He is so good with the two little boys, which is a great help to me!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The snow and ice that we got on Monday of last week finally disappeared yesterday! I thought for sure it would be gone after a couple of days, but it stuck around for a while. I can't say that I'm too disappointed. The snow is nice for a very short while, but I'm not really a fan of cold weather. Bring on Spring! :)

We aren't exactly prepared for snow here. Poor Hannah was wearing a 12 month coat, and Abigail doesn't even have a coat. She just had to layer. I have since found a coat for her on eBay for a reasonable price...something that I couldn't find before Christmas. The girls didn't seem to mind though!

Esther enjoyed sledding this year much more than she did last year!

Sweet little Joseph wasn't too excited about the cold and wet stuff out there. He looked awfully cute in his green suit though!

Here is Noah heading upstairs to help get the sled out of the attic.

Joshua loved being outside in the snow. He stayed out longer than anyone else and didn't mind playing out there all by himself.

Monday, January 10, 2011


We recently enjoyed a few days in the mountains with some good friends from church. We went right after Christmas, and there was lots of snow when we got there. That makes our 4th big snow (meaning that something actually stuck to the ground) in a year's time! That is pretty remarkable for Georgia.

This is the view from the back deck of our cabin. It was located at the edge of a national forest, and we couldn't see any other cabins around us. That combined with no internet, cell service, or television (not one that we watched anyway) made for a wonderfully relaxing stay.

Noah learned to crochet a little in his free time. :) I made the mistake of asking my friend, Natalie, to show me how to crochet while we were there. I think I may be hooked, though I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to make all of the fancy things that Nikki can make!

The children were all studying some deer tracks they found.

The big boys settling down for sleep...or maybe not. :)

The girls reading a bedtime story.

Noah was pretty tuckered out after his first day of exploring. He hunted down a dead chipmunk in the cabin. Lovely!

We stopped off in Atlanta to see my grandmother. She looked beautiful, as always!

Here is Joseph sporting some of Great-Grandma's famous "Love That Pink" lipstick. :)

Last One

I'm sure I'm the last person on earth to post Christmas pictures, but oh well! Here they are...mostly for my sake. I want to be able to go back and look at them when I'm old. :) Which leads me to a question. Have any of you ever had your blog made into a book? If so, who did you use and were you happy with it?

We started the week off with a bang. All six of the children came down with the stomach virus within about 2 hours of each other. Four of them started throwing up at once literally 15 minutes before we were expecting a houseful of guests for a hymn-sing. Adam and I came down with it too. Thankfully it was very short-lived and we were better by Christmas, except for poor little Joseph.

Never fear though. My super-husband did almost all of the laundry. I think I may have done one load out of the 12-15 that we had over the course of 2 days.

Joshua and Abigail have been asking for their own Bibles since they started reading. They were both thrilled to receive one for Christmas! These two pictures show their personalities pretty well. Joshua is on the quiet and reserved side.

Abigail is a little more dramatic and gung-ho about everything!

Joseph was still a little under the weather, but he enjoyed opening his Christmas gifts. Notice the gift tag in the background. Adam's mother had the great idea of putting the child's picture on one side of the tag and their picture on the other so that the children would know who they were to/from. I saved all of the tags to remind myself to do that next year. I loved it!

Noah likes to "shoot dee-yah" :)

Hannah got some Yoo-hoo in her stocking.

Friday, January 07, 2011


Yesterday morning during school I was working on catechism with the children. Joseph and Noah were playing on the floor beside me and Noah was being unusually quiet. I was absorbed in what I was doing and didn't even notice that Noah thought he was in art class. :) Joseph didn't mind being the model...that is, until it was time to clean up. He wasn't so thrilled about his hair being pulled!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Noah is 2!

Our sweet baby Noah is not a baby anymore! But he is still very sweet. :) Noah turned 2 last Wednesday. This boy loves to be outside! His absolute favorite thing to do is to ride in "Papa's truck", which he sometimes calls "my truck".

We were in the mountains for most of the week (more on that later), so we had cake and ice cream there. Last year he was scared of the candles. This year he loved them and had no trouble blowing them out.

He is a little ham. And he's full of mischief. The boy is inevitably going to hurt himself! I fully expect several ER trips involving Noah in the years to come. :)

Noah is definitely Papa's boy. If Adam goes outside to get firewood or something and leaves him inside, he completely breaks down. He loves guns, fires, vehicles, and everything related to the outdoors. He's always willing to give his Mama kisses and snuggles too though, for which I'm thankful! :)

Happy Birthday Noah Bean!