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Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have really been enjoying Adam's time off over the past few weeks. We've been on lots of walks, completed some projects, played games, read books, visited the zoo twice and have generally just had a very relaxing (and much needed) break together. I won't take the time to go into a lot of details, but here is a quick picture overview!

We picked 6 gallons of strawberries and canned strawberry jam for the first time!

This girl can pick strawberries like nobody's business! I had to work hard to fill my bucket before she filled hers.

The Strawberry Monster :)

We went for a few walk/run/picnics on the canal

We visited the zoo twice, about a week apart. The first time we were wearing jackets and shivering (strange for May in Georgia), and just a week later we were sweating and chugging water.

Esther decided that she was going to be brave and feed the giraffe. No one had wanted to do it before.

After a few incidences, Adam had to give the children a "talking to" about the importance of staying close, obeying, watching where you are going, etc. Notice the wayward child in the red shirt wandering off in the background. :)

Abigail made it all the way to the top!

Getting ready to ride the horses

Joseph had a stare-down with the turkey.

Adam's father came from Missouri for a short visit

Milking the fake cow

Joseph was a trooper, but he was hot and tired! He loves his bed and fights going to sleep anywhere else, but he finally gave it up and took a short nap in the stroller.

Three little monkeys

Riding the train

Joseph is getting to be a little more adventurous and independent, but he's still happiest in Mama's arms. :)

Playing Go Fish

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Recent Projects

I have completed a few sewing projects recently that I wanted to document on here. You know, so that I can make the blog into a book and when I'm an old lady I can look back and reminisce!

It took me months and months to complete the girls' Easter dresses. I just did a little bit at a time when I had the chance. I'm happy with the way they turned out! I think I may have been slightly crazy when I chose white, but so far we don't have any permanent stains on them.

I finished my first crocheted baby blanket! I used this book and I'm happy with the way it turned out. It is currently en route to some sweet friends who have a brand new baby girl. :)

I also made Mother's Day gifts this year. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of either one of them! I found the idea on Christine's blog, and I followed the instructions on this blog. I would like to make one for myself soon, and if I get around to it then I'll take a picture of that one and post it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Esther!!

Our sweet Esther is 5 years old today! As you can tell from the photo above, she was quite a chub when she was born. :) Esther is so very kindhearted and loves her siblings to pieces. She is so helpful to me, especially when it comes to caring for the younger children. Actually, sometimes she is helpful to a fault when it comes to the little ones (if that is possible!). She tries so hard to make them happy that she occasionally gets on their nerves and makes them cry. :) Esther loves to help me with chores around the house and she is thoroughly disappointed if I do school with Joshua and Abigail but not her! Happy Birthday, Esther Pie!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Joseph!!

Yesterday was our sweet Joseph's 1st birthday! Joseph is such a happy, funny little guy who is very attached to his Mama. :) I haven't taken him to the doctor in a while, so I don't know his current stats, but he eats anything and everything that I give him! Here are a few pictures from Joseph's first year.

Joseph was our biggest baby (so far!) at 8lb 15oz.

1 day old


Swingin' :)

He loves to eat!

The Birthday Boy!

Monday, May 09, 2011


Back when Adam started dental school nearly 4 years ago, we had 4 children and Hannah was 2 weeks old. One of Adam's friends predicted that we would be "six and pregnant" at graduation. Well, it turns out that he was right!! Baby #7 is due to arrive at the beginning of January! We are so grateful for this new little life, and we couldn't possibly be more excited!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

There's a Doctor in the House!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Adam's graduation this past week. The whole week went by in a flash, and I am now married to a doctor. :) Adam has worked so hard for this for a very long time, and I couldn't possibly be any prouder of him! Here are some pictures from our week. We had a celebration at our house with a few friends and family on Friday night, but taking pictures didn't even cross my mind, so I don't have any from that.

It was a long couple of days for Joseph with his normal routine being thrown out the window. He was a trooper though! He and I spent some time playing just outside the auditorium during an awards ceremony on Wednesday.

Processing in during the Hooding Ceremony

I was honored that the dental school asked me to play the organ for the Hooding Ceremony. It really enjoyed doing it! I couldn't see very well, but we recorded the ceremony so that I can watch it later. If I can figure out how to do it, maybe I'll post a video of the processional later.

Being hooded!!

Some of us with Adam after the hooding ceremony. Joseph was sleeping and Noah was otherwise detained. :) The girls' dresses are the ones that I made for Easter. I have yet to blog about that experience, but sometime soon I'll try to post a close-up of them.

Dr. Adam getting ready to walk across the stage! (He's the one just to the left of the flag.)

Me trying to keep Joseph occupied during graduation. I was afraid he was going to launch that airplane in the the back of the lady's head that was sitting in front of us!

Noah decided that the graduation ceremony was the perfect time for a nap in Grandpa's lap!

So proud of Papa! This isn't the greatest family picture, but it's as good as it was going to get under the circumstances with missed naps and all that!

Us with Adam's family from Kansas and my parents.

Adam's orders in the National Guard had been to complete dental school. Mission accomplished! Having fulfilled his orders, Adam was re-appointed as a Captain in the Dental Corps. In order to accept his appointment, he had to re-affirm his oath to the Constitution and the State of Georgia. He had the privilege of being sworn in by his good friend Jeremy, who is a Naval Reserve officer.

I had the privilege of pinning on Adam's new rank and insignia!

Monday, May 02, 2011


Do you see the ticker on my sidebar? Well, it's wrong. When I made it I somehow messed up the time. I'm guessing I was supposed to change the time zone or something. Anyway, it's close enough and there are only 3 days until Adam's graduation!! We are very excited. This is going to be a fun week with lots of family, friends, food and celebrations! Here is a video I took that shows the energy level around here. After I turned the camera off I got on the mattress and jumped with them. :)