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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Femina has a wonderful blog post here that is definitely worth reading.  It is amazing how often my problems stem from self-absorption.  It is NOT all about me, and I hope and pray that we are able to raise children that know and understand what that means.  Among many other things, of course. :)

"I’ve seen fussing about doctors, about hospitals, about tubs or lack of tubs, about  midwives or lack of midwives, about pain-killers, and monitors. You would think it was the prom rather than bringing forth a child. It is just one more opportunity to become a self-absorbed fusser. And some women get to fuss over and over and over with each child. At least Bride-zilla just has one opportunity.
Childbirth has become quite the controversial topic, and women can become dictatorial about what they want, even to the point of demanding that other women want the same things. Of course we all have to make choices, and as we do, may God bless us all. But we ought to be content with other people’s choices and let it go. Our fellowship is in Christ, not in our birthing choices."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Adam had a dental conference in Philadelphia last week and we all packed up and went with him!  My mother's mother and sister live about half an hour from downtown Philly, so we took the opportunity to visit with them.  We stayed with my Aunt Candie and Uncle Jim, who, as I've mentioned before, are so wonderfully kind and thoughtful.  They spoil us every time we are with them!  We had lots of adventures and made many great memories.

Great Grandmom Ruth loves babies, and Peter loved her.

Abigail read Great Grandmom some books.

Uncle Jim and Aunt Candie planned a scavenger hunt for the children with plastic eggs, little animals, and snacks.  Here they are getting their instructions...


...and finding!

Noah likes Uncle Jim. :)

Having a chat with Great Grandmom.

Aunt Candie helping Esther and Joseph check off things on their list.

Great Grandmom got to feed Peter his first ever taste of real food...avocado!

We went to Philadelphia one day and the visitor center had a book and sort of a scavenger hunt for children.  Uncle Jim is helping Noah draw the Liberty Bell here.  

Apparently Peter is not too impressed with the Liberty Bell!  

Here we are at Independence Hall in the room where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed.  (Joseph is missing because he stayed back at the house with Aunt Candie.  It was a long day and he would not have had such a good time, especially considering he would have missed his nap.)  

Uncle Jim with the 5 bigs. 

We took a day and drove to Lancaster, PA as well...Amish country!  We stopped at a park and ate lunch, and when we got Joseph out of the van his arms, hands, and face were covered in green marker! He had gotten hold of one of the older children's activity bag and colored all over himself.  It was washable marker, but we still had a really hard time getting it off of his skin.  

Me and my man. :)  We don't get many pictures of just the two of us.  

Adam bought each of the girls a bonnet. :)

Aunt Candie bought some cookies from an Amish bakery.

Sweet Abigail

Petting the miniature horses.

We went to a working farm and the children got to hold rabbits...

...and bunnies...

...and feed the calves!

Relaxing under a big tree.

Swinging by the barn.

More relaxation. :)

My silly Bean.  He keeps me on my toes. :)

Funny little Joseph.

Peter and I had lunch with Great Grandmom one day.  Peter has had some feeding issues, but when he is full he is so contented.  He got sleepy during lunch, so he snuggled up with the nursing cover and stuck his fingers in his mouth.

"Hey!  Who just took my picture!?!"

A couple minutes later he was gone!  Peter is not our first baby to fall asleep in the Bumbo.  Noah did it a few years back as well.

We spent the night in Virginia on the way up, but on the way back we did not make a reservation.  We planned to drive as far as we could and just get a hotel when we were ready to stop.  The children did wonderfully, especially Peter.  He cried for a total of about 10 minutes the whole way back.  Since they were doing so well, we just kept trucking and made it home in one day!  It was about 15 hours with stops.  That's probably not something we would ever plan to do, but it worked out this time and we were thankful to get home and have a day to unpack and recover before Adam went back to work.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our New Garden

Since we moved out of our old house and of course left our garden there, we planted a new one last week!  Joseph got things moving with the antique John Deere tractor that used to be sitting in Adam's grandmother's yard in Kansas. :)  

Peter sat in his seat and watched all of us work.

Joshua worked hard with the hoe.

Abigail took care of Peter when he got tired of sitting in his seat.

Noah just stood around looking cute in his mismatched clothes.  Yes, he dressed himself. :)

Adam taught us all how to spade the soil to get it ready for planting.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Settling In

We are absolutely loving our new abode! I mentioned before that we feel like we are on vacation all of the time. How could we not when we get to see that sunset from the back porch every day?!?

The children enjoy reading in the family room on rainy days.  They've spotted turkeys, foxes and deer off of the back porch so far.

The pool is most definitely a highlight.  We've been swimming nearly every day, and it's been great for the children.  The older three are swimming like fish and Hannah is finally starting to get a little more comfortable in the water.  I got her to put her head mostly under today. :)

Another beautiful sunset.

The hot tub is lots of fun too!  We are so blessed to be able to call this place "home" for a little while!

Friday, June 15, 2012


My friend, Nikki, is giving away two handmade dishcloths and a bar of strawberry soap that she made herself!  Head over here for details and to enter!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Catching Up

Well, I really didn't mean to take a three week blogging break, but that's just how it worked out.  Most of you know that my Mom passed away at the end of May.  I'm grateful for all of your emails, notes, and prayers.  I was able to spend almost a week with my Dad, and we had a good time together.

We got to spend some time with both of my brothers and their families.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures with Brian's family and I only got a few pictures with Mark's.  Noah (brown shirt) and Cole (yellow shirt) are both three and are pretty much the exact same size.  Cole and Hannah really hit it off, as you can see. :)  

 We went walking in the woods with Grandpa.  I love this picture.  You can see my Dad holding Joseph, then two deer, and farther down the path a couple of people riding horses.  

Uncle Mark had a remote controlled helicopter

Hannah and Cole being buddies

All of the goobers (minus Peter who was strapped to me) with Grandpa in the woods

Adam came home early because he had to work and he had National Guard drill that weekend.  Peter had to get caught up on his Papa snuggles when we got back.  

We're all moved now and almost completely unpacked.  We've really been enjoying our new home.  It's like being on vacation every day of the week!  There is still plenty of work to do, so I'm going to keep this short and wrap things up with a few pictures.  I hope to start back with school in about a month, at which point I plan to be in a regular routine, which will hopefully mean regular blogging.  I hope you are all having a great summer!